york steak house | tony Email | 18-Nov-2003 18:43
after reading the input from pat's, it made me have some fond memories of the york steak house. the steak, not that the restaurants were even close. it closed way back in the late 70's i believe, but i remember always having a great meal there. i can still smell the charbroil coming off of the grill. robin, do you know if it was a chain or independent?? i do know i miss it. thanks. hope im not boring anyone with an obsolete memory.

york steak house | robert szappanos Email | 23-Jan-2007 19:33
It was a chain...And one of the better Family type Steak Houses

york steak house springfield ohio reunion??? | harsh Email | 23-Jan-2007 19:26
anyone out there??

Bear in mind ... | Robin Garr Email | 24-Jan-2007 22:18
Most of the people who read this thread are in Louisville, Kentucky. The thread gained a life of its own because it comes up if you Google York Steak House, but chances are that most people who see it are a long way from Springfield, Ohio.

Hey! | Robin Garr Email | 24-Sep-2006 16:15
What happened to most of this ancient thread? I wonder if some of the many posts aged off with time? The system isn't supposed to do that, though. [puzzled]

Ah, figured it out ... | Robin Garr Email | 24-Sep-2006 16:27
They got Szapped!

Ah, figured it out ... | robert szappanos Email | 24-Jan-2007 22:01

Ah, figured it out ... | Doogy R Email | 30-Sep-2006 06:20
Robin, no matter what happened between you and him, you should let this rest.

Good eats, all.
Speaking of advice | Robin Garr Email | 30-Sep-2006 13:17
I suggest that you follow your own advice, Doogy. Don't try to fill the departed fella's shoes.

Robert? | tp lowe Email | 24-Sep-2006 20:27
I miss him sometimes...

Not me (eom) | Robin Garr Email | 24-Sep-2006 20:55
Too much water under the bridge.

Not me (eom) | Doogy R Email | 30-Sep-2006 06:20
It takes 2.

Good eats, all.
Not me (eom) | Steve Shade Email | 25-Sep-2006 06:27
Do you have Robert physically blocked from this site or has he just stopped posting?

Not me (eom) | Doogy R Email | 30-Sep-2006 06:21
Did you notice that your question was not answered?

Good eats, all.
That is correct ... | Robin Garr Email | 30-Sep-2006 13:17
It was none of his business, or yours, Doogy. Now drop it.

indeed | tp lowe Email | 24-Sep-2006 21:40
I certainly didn't mean that seriously....

Actually ... | Robin Garr Email | 24-Sep-2006 21:48
"Too much water" was probably the obvious metaphor this weekend. I'm sure glad that's over!

Really.... | tp lowe Email | 25-Sep-2006 13:13
Hope you didn't sustain any damage. Can't imagine that everyone in the city didn't have a wet basement.

Not over here ... | Robin Garr Email | 25-Sep-2006 13:42
They call this "Crescent Hill" for a reason. A wet basement just isn't going to happen on this lot. It's hell for gardening, though.

speaking of "hills" | tp lowe Email | 25-Sep-2006 15:34
When I lived on Top Hill (just across Grinstead from you) we constantly had a wet basement - so much for "top" or "hill!"

Who'da thunk it? | Robin Garr Email | 25-Sep-2006 17:19
I expect houses right along and just off Frankfort could have similar problems, though - if your lot is on flat ground, water can pool, even at high levels.

It just happens that the hill almost literally starts dropping off right at the edge of our lot - the ground is actually lower on the south side of our house than the north, so the basement on that side is about half above ground, so any rain that falls has a natural getaway.

As an aside, I've often wondered but never actually read why Crescent Hill has that name, but I've always assumed that - especially back in early days before the neighborhood was developed - the ridge that extends along the north side of the curve on Grinstead between Bayly and Birchwood actually looked like a visible crescent. Or something.

the book | tp lowe Email | 25-Sep-2006 18:46
Somewhere I have a copy of the book that talks about the history of Crescent Hill - I'll try to dig it up and report back. I seem to recall an entry in the Kentucky Encylopedia, which I also have at home, so I'll let you know what I find out. (Traveling most of this week so it may be a bit before I can get to the home library!)

york steak house | Paul presta | 26-Aug-2005 04:56
I worked for York Steak House back in 1984-1988 at often patroned the one in Columbs which was individually owned after general Mills sold the chain to follow the Olive Garden concept. I have many happy memories for this restaurant that was located in Towne mal in Middletown ohio. If anyone reads this and rememebers me please write me at paulprestagw@hotmail.com

york steak house | Scott Email | 01-Dec-2005 02:04
I worked for York Steak hous for several years while still in high school. I work for one located in the Spotsylvania Mall, Fredericksburg, VA. I loved it there... many fond memories.

york steak house | Melanie Email | 01-Sep-2005 16:44
Is that the one on W. Broad? It is still there?

york steak house | Fred Email | 22-Feb-2006 20:13
Yes York Steakhouse is still open in Columbus Ohio
I've never been there but see it on the way to my inlaws

york steak house | [deleted] | 26-Aug-2005 04:54
test | [deleted] | 12-Jun-2005 23:07
york steak house | John Email | 21-May-2004 20:36
I had wondered whether the chain as a whole had gone out of business. Good to hear there's still one going strong (see comments below). The store my parents and I frequented in the late seventies was located at the University Mall in Pensacola, FL. Glad to see so many other folks with fond memories of YSH.

york steak house | bob Email | 22-May-2004 20:04
i was a mgr for chicopee mass fairfield mall ysh from 1979 until 1981....my first job after college.

i still talk about it....what a great place to eat it was, even working there!

very fond memories....howie, kevin, barry, allen, ray....any of you guys out there?

marlene, toni ann, cindy, michelle, debbie?

anyone with any stories or know where anyone is lmk.

i would beinterested in investing in 1 or 2?

does anyone know who owns the name?

the fellow out in columbus perhaps?


york steak house | scott k.harrington Email | 12-Jun-2005 16:52
I do miss those days of working for this chain, I think that this was the most fun and hard work that I have ever had. I was a master broiler chef in the mid to late seventies with york steak house...i have told everyone about how much fun and how the quality of the food was. Lines up to 1/4 mile long winding around the outside of the mall in independence missouri. Mothers day, Fathers day, unreal the amount of bussiness. I would have anywhere from 10 to 50 steaks being cooked at any givin time
NY Strip
KC Strip
Ground Sirloin
Sirloin Tips
Onions...lots of onions...
Can anyone bring this company back?

york steak house | Barry O Email | 24-Sep-2006 16:06
I was the GM in 1975.
What a fun place it was to work for.
Pete Meier was the Area Supervisor then Harry Wagner. After a successful year I left to open a new store in St. Clair Sq. near St. Louis.

york steak house | [deleted] | 18-Nov-2003 19:33
york steak house | [deleted] | 18-Nov-2003 19:34
york steak house | tony Email | 18-Nov-2003 20:11
thanks robert. i didnt know about their slogan. very interesting. the decor always reminded me of....kinda like a castle. like i said, i miss it. think ill check the net and see if they still have any local's around the country left.

york steak house | [deleted] | 19-Nov-2003 15:04
york steak house | b.jackson | 07-Jun-2005 02:25

york steak house | robert Email | 17-Mar-2004 21:37
I used to love that place. I would get a #4 (which I think was a hamgurger)and chocolate pudding. They would put a little card on your tray. You could watch the cooks grill the steaks and the flames practically hit the ceiling. You had to wait in this long hallway with about 4 turns. At each turn was a menu plaque on the wall.

york steak house | Brendan Email | 04-Apr-2004 23:52
I always got #4, too. It was a hamburger with mushroom sauce. The bun was huge and delicious. I remember how great the desserts were, too. I liked the tapioca pudding. The one I went to in the '70s was in Brockton, MA at the Westgate Mall. I really loved that place.

york steak house | Richard W Wishnow Email | 09-May-2004 15:31
I used to manage York from 1980 till 1987 in Oxford Valley ,Pa. I thought it was a great place.I met a lot people that I became long time friends with. If anyone sees and reads this, spread the word,let's get up a York reunion.
Write me!

york steak house | bring back york steakhouse | 12-Jun-2005 16:59
number 4 medium.....with fries instead of baker.....drink....salad dressing....onions....

number 4 tre beonque' sublamo' possss ehh'

york steak house | [deleted] | 09-May-2004 15:28
york steak house | Kristine Email | 17-Apr-2004 18:06
WOW! I cannot believe that anyone else is still thinking about York Steak House! My husband and I loved that place ... we were hooked on their sirloin tips with mushroom sauce and onions :o) We also liked their salad dressing (Honey French) and let's not forget about their steak sauce. Nothing comes even close to that place ... not the Outback, not the Texas Roadhouse. However, Mortons does come close, but they are pricey.

Hey Brendan, my hubby and I used to go o the one in Brockton also, then we would always go over to watch a movie.

Robert, please post a message if you happen to find one ANYWHERE in the country. Thanks!

york steak house | Richard Trebar Email | 20-Sep-2005 04:47
Growing up in Cleveland during the 70's, my parents would take us to the local mall and we would enjoy a wonderful meal at York Steak House. To this day, my parents and my siblings would always say..."That Mushroom Sauce was the Best!".

Dipping those warm rolls in the mushroom sause was out of this world.

Would you happen to know if the mushroom sauce can be purchased from a food vendor?


york steak house | ohio | 04-May-2004 06:08
There is a York Steak House in Columbus, Ohio.
On West Broad St.

It is the same as you remember it only this one has a salad bar.

york steak house | elliot Email | 02-May-2004 18:59
If you want it here is the address.

York Steak House CW

4220 W. Broad Street

Columbus 43228


Thanks for the info, Elliot! | Robin Garr Email | 02-May-2004 19:57
Sounds like the Columbus York Steak House operator must be like the Louisville Ollie's Trolley operator: Kept the last one going even when the chain passed on.

Thanks for the info, Elliot! | elliot Email | 02-May-2004 22:06
Never even knew there were any left.
I guess good things are meant to last.

york steak house | elliot Email | 02-May-2004 18:51
UPDATE: I was looking for more info on York Steak Housesand came across this..amazingly there is one Steak House left, I guess the guy bought the restaurant and kept everything the same.
I copied and pasted the message they wrote:

"Just to let everyone know there is still one York Steak House left in Ohio. It's in Columbus Ohio, my father owns it. It still has everything the old York Steak house had, from the Tips to the Honey Glazed Chicken to the serve yourself down the line. The building itself has still remained the same. Still a very poplular place to eat."

york steak house | Karen Email | 16-May-2005 19:06
I would love to purchase York Steak House memorabilia if anyone has anything to sell - in particular the little plastic number things that were set on the table to indicate the how well done the meat was. I can barely remember going there as a small child but the place has recently come to have great significance when I met someone else who went there as a child but our paths never crossed until now. Any type of memento would be great. Thanks.

york steak house | Scott Email | 01-Dec-2005 02:06
That brings back so many memories. Fond memories. I remember we had to speak french as a cook there. Neat. Good luck finding your tags

york steak house | elliot ross Email | 02-May-2004 18:38
Hi I found this site during a search for anything
on York Steak Houses. Reading all the messages brought back some old memories.
I used to work for York Steak House. 1980 - 1984
I managed the one in Oxford Valley Mall in
Langhorne Pa. York Steak Houses went out of
business in 1994. My buddy also worked for them.
He moved to Florida but we still reminise about
those times. Nice to see York Steak House made an
impression on people. I miss it too.

york steak house | Amy Email | 17-Jul-2004 20:50
I also use to work for York Steak House in Alton, Illoins. It was the greatest place to gather for diner,birthdays and just having fun with the family. I really miss it. My family loved the glazed chicken and how you always got a fresh backed potato.

york steak house | [deleted] | 17-Apr-2004 19:33
york steak house | Bettin Email | 13-Aug-2005 07:10
There is still one left. Columbus, Ohio

york steak house | Jim | 13-May-2004 01:01
I don't know who's message board this is but... I worked for York Steak House in from 1981 to 1986...it was my first job. I was just reading the message board and it brought back many memories. I think they started to over extend the menu and it slowed down the line too much. "15 minutes from this point you will be enjoying a delicious York Steak House meal"

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | Robin Garr Email | 13-May-2004 01:27
Glad you posted!

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | Richie V. Email | 14-May-2004 22:40
Came across this as a result of a Google search. My brother's first job in high school was as a cook @ the York Steak House in Brockton, MA. It was closed in the early 90's and the building was converted into an Uno's Chicago Bar & Grille, which is still in operation. I'll tell my brother about the one in Columbus, OH.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | Dan | 18-May-2004 00:07
My parents used to take me and my sisters and brother when we were just little kids to the York Steak House in South Portland, Maine. Same here, I would get the chopped beef meal with the mushroom sauce and their french dressing was the best! Memories indeed. I believe the one in Portland closed around 1987.

South Portland Maine | Steve | 18-Jun-2004 00:49
I too have very fond memories of the South Portland location. It was there from the first day the Mall opened in the early seventies till about the time you mentioned. I remember that just a year or two before the closing they departed from their original way of doing business and started to serve a buffet, and the famous "No Tipping" policy was removed.
I remember the huge lines, the #4 w/steak fries, the numbers on your tray, and the cooks all called out the orders in french. It was Great!

South Portland Maine | bring back york steak house Email | 12-Jun-2005 17:05
number 4 tre' cenio' sublemon'...posss ehh'
(number 4 rare with fries instead of baker...in a hurry.....)

I was a master broiler chef in Indepence Mo. at York Steak house....the best chain i have ever worked....we served up to 300 customers an hour....lines of 1/4 mile running outside of the mall....unreal and the best time working with others....

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | David | 18-May-2004 21:29
I was just sharing memories of the ones in the malls in the Minneapolis, MN area. We as well discussed the chocolate pudding and the jello desserts. The hamburgers and steak fries were the best. The flames on the grills were memorable. The fish almondine was delicious, and the buttery rolls! I loved how they would announce your order into the microphone as you were placing it. The castle decor was classic. Does anyone remember the names of the seating areas? They had names based on midevil themes. BRING BACK THE YORK STEAK HOUSE!!!!!!

Does anyone know where i can get a photo of the YSH??

seating area | Chrissy Email | 22-Mar-2005 04:40
The seating areas were Kings Court and Queens Court.

The Son of the Owner | Bettin Email | 30-Jun-2004 20:25
I am the Son of the Owner in Columbus, Ohio. And yes everything has stayed the same. I am glad to hear that many people still take an intrest in the Restaurant. If anyone has any questions/comments/stories about the Only York Steak House left please e-mail me, or better yet stop on by Columbus and ask for BETTIN.

The Son of the Owner | Colleen Email | 12-Oct-2005 15:40
Please tell me you remember the words used to order the food over the microphone. I worked at the York in Northland Mall back in the 80's. We used words in place of medium, rare, and well-done, etc...that sort of sounded french. Does anyone remember what they were....I remember tres sinya (spelled phonetically) and bion qui?
Help a sister out!

The Son of the Owner | Gloria Heather Email | 18-Jul-2004 00:30
How nice to know we are not the only ones that wish we had a York Steak House back here again in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been looking for a steak sauce to match theirs and as of this date, have not found one. If you know of any, please advise. We had 3 children and could get a good meal there, without breaking the bank. How many times, my husband and I say, "Oh, how we wish that York was back at Northgste Mall."

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | allyn Email | 31-May-2004 22:28
i was a general manager at ysh, houston, texas (memorial city mall) from 1973-1976. i think it was called the king's court for one and i can't remember the other name. 'would you like delicious, hot mushroom sauce on your steak?' the other for sure was: 'is your steak, tender, juicy and delicious?' frank grady was my reg. mgr and floyd schillings was the d.m. his son is the famous baseball player. (kurt)

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | David | 08-Jun-2004 21:15
don't know any of those people, since i'm from minnesota, but investing.......count me in! As long as there are plenty others. As long as we make sure to have the classic chocolate pudding as well.


Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | BOB Email | 18-Jun-2004 19:57


Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | David | 07-Jul-2004 20:24
Absolutely classic!! Just what i was looking for. Those are great pictures. Especially the one of the outside of the restaurant. Any known photos of the seating area?

i remember frank grady, didn't he become a big wig in the company later? | bob Email | 04-Jun-2004 15:46
i was a mgr for chicopee mass fairfield mall ysh from 1979 until 1981....my first job after college.

i still talk about it....what a great place to eat it was, even working there!

very fond memories....howie, kevin, barry, allen, ray....any of you guys out there?

marlene, toni ann, cindy, michelle, debbie?

anyone with any stories or know where anyone is lmk.

i would beinterested in investing in 1 or 2?

does anyone know who owns the name?

the fellow out in columbus perhaps?


i remember frank grady, didn't he become a big wig in the company later? | yogi Email | 09-Jul-2005 02:19
Hey bob i worked in westfarms mall around your time.I have talked to allen crudale.We are working on a reunion.I will keep you posted.

i remember frank grady, didn't he become a big wig in the company later? | bob Email | 01-Nov-2006 16:20
yogi, anything ever become of this?


Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Jim! | Randy Email | 28-May-2004 04:42
OH YEA!!! Great memories from good ole York. I was a broiler chef in the mid 80's at the Ridgedale mall location (MN.). It was a great place to work and the food was GREAT!!!

york steak house | wakka wakka Email | 11-Jul-2004 21:55
we had one in cedar rapids iowa, at the westdale mall. the steakburgers were great- but the mushrooms were awesome !

york steak house | Tami Email | 17-Aug-2004 23:53
I live in Columbus, Ohio and yes there is a York Steak House here up and running. My fiance' and I eat there just about every friday night and we LOVE it. I havent tried the steak but they have the best Chicken Fingers you've ever tasted and the salad bar is awesome!

york steak house | yogi Email | 18-Jan-2005 01:45
I worked for york steak house in westfarmsmall 1975-1988.It was my first job.We are planning a york steak house reunion sometime in sept 05.Looks like it might be at foxwoods casino.I will keep everyone posted.k

york steak house | Rev. Eddie Email | 16-Feb-2005 22:23
I also worked at the Ridgedale MN location. My first "real" job--got it 2 weeks after getting my license in '79. Lots of great times there. Great managers, great work crew. Even met my first girlfriend there..!! There were many stores in the Minneapolis/Rosedale/Edina/ Maplewood area, and a few even farther west in places like Sioux Falls, SD. Would be cool to find out where all the different locations were.

My job transferred me from MN to Columbus, Ohio a few years ago. Turns out the last remaining York is about 20 miles away, so I'm heading there tomorrow......hmmm, wonder if I can still get a #3 with steak fries...??

...can hardly wait for this trip down memory lane...

york steak house | Andrea Email | 01-Mar-2005 21:12
There used to be a York Steak House in the Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY. When we were teenagers, it was our favorite place. We would get their huge burgers and cover them with sauteed onions and their steak sauce. The Mall used to be a fun place to hand out --- there was a neat arcade there called "Aladdin's Castle". Both the steak house and the arcade have been long gone and replaced with the typical generic food court *sigh* and no arcade. Andrea

york steak house | tim Email | 02-May-2005 07:30
we had so many yorks,one in danvers mass.when it moved accross the street out of the mall i think the buisness drop because of the traffic to get across the main drag,wow i was a kid then,i'll have to ask my mother tomorrow for a list of all the ones we went to,and to think i have a uncle in columbus and never thought to ask him, small world
any other info or comments feel free to e-mail
this is a great site,thank you whom everstarted it
you made my day, this happen with jack n the box
then i found a bunch while in hawaii,here i am driving down some back road on maui i thought wow i see the light their is a god haha now their making a comeback nation wide!

york steak house | Chris | 23-May-2005 04:27
Ah, York Steak House! My family usually went to the one in the old Natick Mall, MA when I was a kid. The best hamburgers I ever had! "#5 medium rare!"

york steak house | JULES - YORKS FANATIC IN BOSTON! Email | 06-Jun-2005 16:15


I LOVED IT AS A KID (late 70's/early 80's?) in Medford, MA and Danvers, MA. I used to get the roasted chicken with those awesome, thick french fries, a side of sauteed mushrooms or onions and I always went for their tapioca pudding with the little red cherry on top!

Where did they go? I would KILL for a YORK meal!


york steak house | joey Email | 09-Nov-2005 19:42
hahaha....the one in medford, ma was in the meadow glen mall right?

boy....that was like ages ago.

i remember those rolls - glistening w/butter and those (now that i think about it) funny cafeteria trays.

thanks for the memory!

york steak house-Yes, Meadow Glen Mall Medfah! | JULES Email | 09-Nov-2005 21:09
Yes and those damned signs that said "No Tipping". I was just a kid and I always wondered if they meant no tipping your tray over -or if we couldn't tip the waitress- or get refills on the Sanka coffee!

Sounded so ominous and I always wondered if i was violating the mysterious no tipping sign =)

york steak house | BETTIN Email | 07-Jun-2005 06:31
We still have the honey glazed chicken, the thick steak fries, Mushrooms & onions, and even the pudding. I'm telling you, you'd be surprised how little it has changed!

4220 West Broad Street
Columbus Ohio

york steak house | Mike Billcox Email | 14-Sep-2005 19:09
I am a HUGE York fan. We used to have one in St. Louis, MO, in Chesterfield Mall.

Please join my York appreciation group!


york steak house | bob Email | 01-Nov-2006 16:17
can't get this site to come up

york steak house | David Dobrin Email | 07-Jun-2005 21:31
I would love to come to the York Steak House in Columbus, Ohio and I will next time I am going in that direction. I'm from Minneapolis. The ones we had here had all the medeival look to them. I don't know if that's changed or not, but I would love to see the last York around. I remember the jello and the pudding and the thick french fries and i would always get a hamburger (medium-well) and watch the tall flames coming from the back grills as I would make my way through the line. I'm planning on coming there soon. Is there any way you could e-mail or post a bunch of pictures of the restaurant just so I can get excited. Do you still have the microphone at the front of the line to announce the food orders??

york steak house | ohara Email | 23-Jun-2005 16:44
I would LOVE to see pictures - please post if possible.

york steak house | BETTIN Email | 14-Jun-2005 06:48
Yes, Microphone is still there, and we still use it to call out orders.

york steak house | Scott Email | 11-Jul-2005 21:15
The first person to hire me for a job in Columbus OH was a guy named Jay Bettin. Am I responding to Jay, or his son?

Jay was a great guy! I still keep in close contact with a few folks who worked with me at the Northland Mall York Steakhouse in 1985. We are also planning to go to the W.Broad St York Steak House in the next couple of weeks with all of our families.

york steak house | Bettin | 22-Jul-2005 18:38
This is Jay's son Austin! Thanks for the comments! Our whole family works there so just ask for the Bettin's and I am sure one of us will be there!

york steak house | Rob Stalder Email | 03-Jul-2005 05:34
You guys have no idea of how much this thread warms my heart. My family lived on the west side of Columbus in Lincoln Park West during the 1970s before LPW really went downhill. (Well, it wasn't all that great back then either.)

Going to York was a very big deal for our family in those days before we moved to Groveport & eventually to Hilliard. I'm going to be visiting my parents very soon & they still live in Hilliard.

So, I am definitely going to make a point of it to visit the old York Steak House for dinner while I'm in town. I am so happy to hear that it's still there.

I will be sure to ask for you when I visit, Bettin!

york steak house | Craig Hauger Email | 22-Feb-2006 19:20
York Steak House - founded by Bernardt Gross, a German Executive Chef and entrepreneur in the early '70's. I was recruited out of college by Gary Anderson to be a manager and started at the Ridgedale Mall in 1980. Each store had about six managers, all in dark blue blazers and pants, white shirts and ties. We looked like the Secret Service roaming about the restaurant looking for spies.

We learned a few French expressions to lend elegance to the experience for the customer. This, together with the huge iron chandeliers suspended by chains, the red carpet and upholstery, the dark trim and the heavy chains on the windows provided a remarkable place to visit for kids and adults alike. If something went wrong with a meal, a customer was awarded a coupon for a free meal at a later time. One day during a delivery, a swarm of bees entered the back door and invaded the restaurant, terrorizing the customers - stinging a few and then lodging themselves in the chandeliers directly above the tables, then dying and falling into the customer's food! Some customers claimed to have alergic reactions. Many coupons were given out that day!!

As a new manager it was hard work, with challenges and rewards on many levels - with customers, employees,vendors, fellow managers and the company heirarchy. Early on there seemed to be exclusively male managers. This was like a military organization with a stern Prussian at the helm. Our unit was considered the 'Flagship unit' just down the road from General Mills Headquairters, recieving an occasional visit from the 'suits'. We ran a pretty tight ship (or castle??) and employees were quite happy there and were a joy to work with!! Organizationally the heirarchy was quite conservative and expected each unit to be a copy of the other. It wasn't until about 1983 that our office was able to chuck the 50 pound adding machine that took up a third of our desk space in favor of a book sized electronic one. (Remember, the IBM 'Peanut' PC was just making its entree as the first home computer!) By 1984 women began entering the management ranks and the male dominated character began to take on a 'softer' tone.

Once in a while, we would get a visit from HULK HOGAN who really liked our Filet of Fish (porla - pousson), ordering TWO complete dinners at a time!! That cod fish was SO huge - it extended over the edge of the plate on both ends!! Other luminaries were Mad Dog Vashaun, Jerry Blackwell and Baron Von Rashke - all pretty nice gentlemen when visiting our establishment.

Alas, by 1985 there was a move by the public to switch to a 'salad, alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seed' diet. Red meat was being cast as a hazard to human health right up there with nuclear waste, and I could sense management's reluctance to change but rather let the York Legend die. I saw marketing efforts begin to fall off sharply and rumours began to circulate that York would be no more in few years. So I finally left the company in 1985. By 1989 the four York Restaurants in the Twin Cities were closed down, their contents auctioned off or hauled away. I ended up with a couple of chairs with the red cushions - I use them to this day!

Since then I have often thought of what it would be like to revive the York Legend. Would there be bus loads of visitors showing up who came JUST for our Idaho baked potato!? Or JUST for the Honey Glazed Chicken!? Today the taste for red meat is stronger than ever. People want the broiled chicken with the fat cooked and drained off, dusted with tasty seasoning and finished off by a dark honey glaze. My hats off to Mr. Gross, the founder of this legendary concept, the men and women who gave it character and the customers who faithfully patronized our stores. It is said that fashions come and go - and come again. Are we ready again to bring out the chains and the wrought iron of the Medieval dining experience? Maybe not but good food and great service at an affordable price never goes out of style!!

york steak house | Brad Email | 28-Feb-2007 17:25
Craig hauger, I worked for you from 79 to 83ish, it was a good first job. I loved the food, and the people who worked there were great.

I still to this day try to find similar Rice Pilaf and that canned mushroom sauce.

Ridgedale also saw some other local Celeb's.

The local NBC news cast would stop in, often between broadcasts.

I do also remember those times when a bus full of people would show up 1/2 hour before closing...

This was a trip down memory lane...

york steak house | Karen P. Email | 11-May-2006 01:28
The fact that we're still thinking about York Steak House attests to the quality of their food!!! I still think about the chicken and baked potatoes. I frequented the one at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA, usually scheduling my shopping around lunch, just so I could eat there!

It would be tough for me to get to Columbus. I wish more would open again!

york steak house | Bettin | 22-Jul-2005 18:39
Thats terrific, we look forward to having you!

York Website | Mike Billcox Email | 14-Sep-2005 19:30

This site is all about York!

York Website | harsh Email | 23-Jan-2007 19:24
could not find the york steak house group, does it still exist? Anyone from Springfield ohio

York Website | Springfield-ite | 06-Feb-2007 02:10
Wife and I live about 10 miles W of Springfield...no Yorks there, but we strongly suspect the present Bradfield's steakhouse in the Upper Valley Mall once was a YSH...long winding hallway, decor clues (castle-like cut wallboard). Bradfields is okay but it does not compare to the last Yorks in Columbus, only about an hour out of Springfield on Rt. 40. We hit it about once a month and it alone is worth the trip. Quiet atmosphere, dim light, good food at good price...neither of us remember York's from when we were kids but there's definitely nothing like it with all the noisy, irritating steakhouse chains out there today (HATE them ALL). We like York's and will stay regular customers!

York Website | Steve Shade Email | 06-Feb-2007 07:18
The main reason for not switching the format.
The thread that will not die, would.

york steak house | Karen Email | 07-Jun-2005 17:08
I would dearly love to have a true "York Steak House" memento - any possibility of purchasing one of those plastic numbers??