TN: Non-French Wines Rahsaan (London), 15-Aug-2005 15:57
Vollenweider Larry Stein (San Mateo CA), 17-Aug-2005 02:48
Yes, those doorsteps can be Rahsaan, 17-Aug-2005 11:40
I'm going to be opening a 02 Vollenweider standard Spaetlese ... John Trombley, 17-Aug-2005 00:32
What do you mean? Rahsaan, 17-Aug-2005 00:47
Daniel ... John Trombley, 17-Aug-2005 00:54
I can understand Rahsaan, 17-Aug-2005 01:04
Yes, he does. John Trombley, 17-Aug-2005 01:05
Thanks, I thought it was all through the AP numbers Rahsaan, 17-Aug-2005 01:07
I may be incorrect about his current practice. Let me get back... John Trombley, 17-Aug-2005 01:09
I don't have first hand info Rahsaan, 17-Aug-2005 01:12
I think that Arnt'd information is first-hand, while John Trombley, 17-Aug-2005 01:15
What? 17 Pounds for a Von Simmern Kabinett? Hoke Harden, 15-Aug-2005 17:55
They have a newly-released Rahsaan, 15-Aug-2005 18:26
Vallana Dale Williams, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 15-Aug-2005 17:42
Exactly Rahsaan, 15-Aug-2005 18:27